Having a personal online project was a significant milestone in the development of the Chesnokov company, which exists on the Ukrainian market for a quite long time already, and has proved itself as a reliable and competent contractor. The project was implemented according to the client’s requests, and soon it have become a corporate website and retail online store. Since Chesnokov company is engaged in the components and fittings for window manufacturing sales, the catalogue was designed considering the product specifics. Also, the website menu contains a shopping cart, information sections and contact details, which gives a potential customer an opportunity to study all necessary information about products, and eventually place an order.

Strict dark theme was taken for the website to draw attention to the substantive part. Website visitors may get acquainted with company’s activity, and business terms and conditions. Also, visitors may see a list with brands the company work with, and wide product range. The catalogue allows to filter products by key features, and switch between recommended and similar products lists. To make purchasing process easier and directly through the website, we developed special dynamic calculator that, when calculating prices, considers the overall size of the ordered product. Placing discount offer feature included as well.

Main development moments are:

  • Trade activity and company’s products range analysis;
  • Website design and structure development;
  • Adding products and necessary text information;
  • Creating a unique algorithm for prices calculator.


Roboto Slab

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