Dent clinic

For the Dent dental clinic, our company has developed the full-scale corporate website, including the logo, corporate identity and visual design. This project performs several important functions at once: describes in detail the entire range of services of the clinic; informs visitors about ongoing special and discount offers; allows booking an appointment online. All the information about the clinic’s operation can be found on the main page in a minimized form. Browsing through other sections, visitors can learn more detailed information on services and medical stuff, read reviews and check contact details. A callback feature and contact form are added to the website so that visitors could contact the Dent representatives in no time.

We have accomplished full stroke of the website development: collecting and analyzing requirements, creating a concept design, setting page layout, programming and content placement. The main page contains key content and a simple to use navigation menu for fast sections switching. But the main emphasis is made on the provided services, and every button is illustrated with a themed image and a slogan. Going to the page of the service, visitors can get acquainted with prices and medical stuff specializing on this type of service. We also have added a Q&A box to provide advisory support. The Medical Stuff section presents portfolios and certificates of each specialist, and a built-in plug-in allows to book an appointment. As additional marketing tools, the following features were implemented: reading and adding reviews, placing promotional offers, integration with social networks, opportunity to work with Google My Business.
Also, a number of other interesting projects bind us together with the Dent dental clinic, such as design development of internal documents, banners, flyers, and outdoor advertising.

The main project stages:

  • logo and design development corresponding to medical theme;
  • setting models and pages layout;
  • adding several software modules that perform the feedback function;
  • implementation of various website promotion tools.


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