EVO Trips

Another original project, the EVO Trips International Automobile Magazine website, was born within our company. The EVO Trips Magazine website offers its own presenting information format, as close as possible to modern realities, namely, an online blog with reviews and news of the automotive world. The website was created taking into account all the latest media resources requirements: multi-level structure longread texts support; high resolution photos upload. Visitors can read articles on the blog or look through photos of car titles in the gallery, and also download the EVO Trips mobile application.

Our team have created The EVO Trips blog type website from scratch: first of all, we have thought over the structure, then developed a light minimalistic design and made up the layout. The next step was the software implementation giving journalists the opportunity to upload their articles and create photo galleries. Also, we have added Subscribe to Newsletters feature and integration with popular social networks. The final development stage lied in adding the content and company website basic SEO. Currently we keep supporting this project.

The main stages of the EVO Trips blog development:

  • getting acquainted with the customer’s idea and discussion of possible ways of its realization;
  • creating structure and design;
  • functional features development in accordance with modern online blogs requirements;
  • content preparation and allocation;
  • setting up internal SEO.



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