Maharaja is a unique center that provides wide range of beauty and health services. We have designed a corporate website that combines and structures information about all its activities. At first, we got acquainted with the specifics of the center and defined the website concept. Then the hierarchy of each of the five main sections - the main page, Yoga, SPA, Beauty, Green food - was invented and implemented. Visitors can get acquainted with the current schedule and yoga instructors, as well as prices, loyalty program terms, articles, photo gallery. There are also a detailed description of all types of cosmetics and SPA-procedures, current special and corporate offers. In addition, the website offers to download the beauty studio price list and Green Food Cafe menu.

At the collecting information and analyzing stage, the idea of a modern website with a linearly branched structure and an adaptive minimalistic design was born. The main activities of the Maharaja center are differentiated structurally and visually: each one is represented by a separate tab and has its own color scheme. In general, the website is focused on visual content: banners, sliders, illustrations in text blocks, photo galleries and photo reports from workshops, trainings, concerts. For the convenience of potential customers, we have provided the website with various useful functions. For example, in the Yoga section you can view the schedule of classes in each of the two training centers separately, grouping by day of the week, teachers and classes. Customers wishing to visit one of the many SPA-procedures, have the opportunity to sign up and pay for the order online. The website is integrated with social networks and Youtube, where you can see photos and videos of classes. In addition, each user can read and leave reviews on the website.

The development of this project includes the following steps:

  • studying customer requirements, collecting information about the center;
  • structure and design development taking into account the data obtained;
  • adaptive page layout;
  • adding software modules required for efficient interaction with the website;
  • setting up basic SEO.


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