Palladium Art Gallery

Palladium Art Gallery is a unique cultural center where contemporary art popularization and commercial activities are naturally combined together. For the promotion of this art house on the Internet, we have designed a modern and stylish website that demonstrates all range of services in an open structured form. The main purpose of the website is to help and support young artists. Therefore, the website has a simple minimalistic design that serves as a low-key background, emphasizing the artistic merit of paintings. The main page announces the current exposition, and the past and upcoming exhibitions are presented in a separate section. The website has a full-fledged online gallery: the Genres section contains photos of all the paintings and art objects that have ever been exhibited in the Palladium. In addition to modern art promotion, the website contributes to the development of the organization itself: a list and a detailed description of all provided services, video and photo reports of the events held are presented. Also, the website provides a feedback form, integration with Facebook and localization in two languages.

For such a dynamic multi-functional organization as the Palladium Art Gallery, a website with a simple structure and easy navigation was required, so that the users would not be completely at a loss of all the abundance of visual and textual information. Therefore, the traditional horizontal menu and search window will meet new visitors, and help to find and read the necessary material. All art objects are grouped in three genres: Design Objects, Contemporary Art and Classical Art, and with internal linking visitors can quickly familiarize themselves with all the works in the genre of interest. Also the closer view function allows studying each photo in detail, facilitating the online remote assessment of painting. Not only educational, but also commercial purposes are of the interest of the organization: it provides an exhibition hall for lectures and seminars, organizes presentations, and provides consulting support for art investors. Therefore, a Send Letter form has been added to the website, thanks to which you can quickly find out the terms of cooperation with the gallery and other information. The photos and videos presented in the About Us section allow you to get a closer look at the Palladium projects and get a complete picture of the gallery’s work.

The development key stages:

  • collecting and structuring data of the art gallery activity;
  • development of ergonomic structure and design, page layout;
  • filling the website with the text, photo and video content;
  • adding feedback function;
  • Russian and English localization.



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