Panorama Lounge

Thanks to the efforts of our team, the Kharkiv Panorama Lounge elite restaurant has got a stylish and adaptive website. After discussing the goals and objectives of the project, preferences for the visual part, and receiving all the necessary photo and text materials, we have set to work, and soon, relying on these data, we have developed a structure and design layout. The site contains up-to-date information about the restaurant, karaoke, lounge area and recent events. A built-in plugin allows visitors to book a table, and restaurant administrators can accept reservations via Telegram. The website also contains other components that implement the feedback function: a module for subscribing to news, the Write to Manager button, integration with TripAdvisor and social networks.

The current Panorama Lounge project is the third optimized version of the corporate website with an adaptive layout. A discreet monochrome design allows highlighting the colorful photographic films: the Restaurant main page contain image sliders with available dishes, in the footer of each section there are photos of the interior, and Karaoke and Events sections contain the gallery with pictures of visitors. The menu is divided into categories, and a separate block issued discount and seasonal offers. For the convenience of potential customers, we have added the online booking. All incoming orders are automatically forwarded to the closed Telegram group, which guarantees quick process and record of all calls in the system. All clients can read and leave reviews about the restaurant in TripAdvisor, which is integrated into the website, as well as subscribe to the newsletter.

The development of this project includes the following steps:

  • customer requirements analysis, collecting the information about the restaurant;
  • structure and design development in accordance with the company colors provided by the client;
  • adaptive page layout;
  • adding software modules required for processing online reservations and communicating with customers through the website.


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