Slobidsky Kraj

The development of such a powerful and complex media portal as Slobyd’sky Kraj has expanded the boundaries of our knowledge about information resources and their algorithms. Both visitors and journalists will find convenient the format of a news site we have developed. First of all, we have drawn up a logical and simple structure, and created the lite and subtle design in a magazine style. Then was the turn of administrator control panel features to be invented and implemented, allowing correspondents and reviewers to work with longread texts and upload articles directly from the phone. The site has also received the banner ads placing instruments. The final project stage was applying basic SEO.

The Slobyd’sky Kraj news media portal was developed on the current site basis, which had required improvements and optimization. The whole content was completely transferred without misplacements and losing customer attraction. To make it easier for the user to navigate a large array of available information, we have embedded the full-text search-by-request instrument, as well as the Site Map module, that provides texts grouping into categories, genres, regions and other relevant categories. The newly added Report News option allows users to send letters directly to the editorial department, and with the Subscribe to the Newspaper option anyone can subscribe to the latest electronic issues delivered by e-mail.

The key stages of the Slobyd’sky Kraj project development:

  • various online news outlets and the current client’s site operation analysis;
  • drawing up a plan for the future media resource together with the customer;
  • structure and design development;
  • creating a multi-functional software corresponding to the goals of the new project;
  • content preparation and transfer from the old site;
  • applying internal SEO.



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