On Spring 2018, a new player on Kharkiv bicycle rental market, the Spiza owner, has hired us to create a corporate site, which would announce his project and help to attract customers. Through close collaboration with the client we have developed brand design and site structure to put the idea into practice. It contains all text and visual information open to potential customers. Our specialists are actively promoting the site at the moment.

The start of the project was in studying the service sector and discussing client’s preferences, and finally we have developed the corporate design, added and shaped the content. Customers can become familiarized with bicycle rent terms and prices, repairs price-list, location and schedule information. Also, customers may look at News section and subscribe to the Spiza social media groups to always be kept up-to-date of all interesting events from the world of cycling.

But major efforts were channeled into the site promotion with all SEO powers and advertising campaigns. Cycling Day special offer was a significant achievement for the company. It was launched in the week before the main event, but nonetheless on the high day, even in spite of the rain, all bicycles were rented.

Project major working steps are:

  • Similar projects studying and comparison;
  • Design development according to client’s brand style;
  • Shaping website structure and pages layout;
  • Website promotion.


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