One of the most peculiar projects in our portfolio is a World Bit Bank, first in the world legal crypto bank. Our team was managing its visual part. Our first step was to study in details the company’s vision on the matter, which needed to be highlighted, and then take a look at the similar projects. Next, we have created the website design and its components. When the first stage was finished, we focused on launching the Internet promotion campaign.

Since this project does not have any direct analogs on the market yet, we reviewed beforehand the various banks sites, ICO platforms and studied proposals on the cryptocurrency market sector. As the result, we have created a unique design, which strictness and minimalism naturally combines with dynamic technological elements. Our experts have created the design for a personal account page, payment card theme, and White Paper newsletter. Also, they have designed the Wibcoin – a cryptocurrency, which is used for all automatic conversions and transactions in the bank.

It is worth noting individually the WBB advertising campaign, which includes banners and many other components development. Although our team had to meet the shortest deadline, these actions had great impact on referrals increase.

Here are the major working steps on the crypto bank website:

  • Studying similar cryptocurrency projects;
  • Highlighting specific features for such a service;
  • Development of the website design and other WBB components;
  • Creating the personal account page design and prototype;
  • Launching advertising campaign and analyzing the result.



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