The website development of the Wudang Principles martial arts school began by studying the concept, teaching staff, and school organization and management. We sought to create a project that would become a visual reflection of the school’s ideology, as well as a means of popularizing it. As a result, the project received a modern and creative web design, and our artist’s illustrations naturally fits into the general picture. The website provides all the information potential clients need, such as prices, working hours, and contact details. Special built-in module allows visitors to enroll in the school by sending an application form. Also we have added photo and video gallery of classes to arouse the interest of visitors who are not familiar with the martial arts techniques.

The website of the Wudang Principles martial arts school should perform several tasks at once: inform existing customers about any changes or important events in the life of the WDP, as well as advertise its services on the Internet. First of all, we developed a unique grunge-style design with a sandy background and torn elements, the embodiment of the WDP freedom principles on the one hand, and orientation to a liberated and in a way rebellious youth audience on the other. An author’s illustration, created specifically for this project, harmoniously match the website style: it demonstrates the battle scene with the participation of two opponents, the prototypes of which are two brothers, the school founders. The button is elegantly integrated into this image. Pressing this button opens the Sign Up application form. All details about the school operation is structured, and equipped with photo and video illustrations. Added social share buttons and localization in two languages.

The project key stages:

  • studying of the school operation; analyzing and comparing projects of similar organizations;
  • individual design development, including the author's themed illustration;
  • preparing and adding text and visual content;
  • adding an application form module;
  • adding Russian and English localization.


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