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IT and Business Consulting

Before starting a project on the Internet, you need to do an analysis of business, strategy and competition. Making a website, and then deciding what to do is the most common mistake of those who invest in the web design. We recommend starting the first steps with making a decision, and our experts and business analysts offer a sufficient range of services from business analysis to full audits.

Design from A to Z

Visual perception is the main source of information, so the various graphic design elements make it easy and faster to establish communication with customers. Though, it must be mentioned, that graphic design and web design are different concepts. Our design department includes an integrated approach to both graphic design and website development from the perspective of UI UX design.

Web Development

In our company, you can order the website development any type: a corporate website, an online store, an online blog, a business card website, and even an online application. Although, our key feature is that we build on your business objectives, and during the process, we stick to the formula: the appropriate design tools + optimal labor cost = price quality

Mobile Web Development

Statistics showed that Internet users who use mobile devices have crossed 50% of the total in 2018. Moreover, for many of our products, this value reaches up to 85%. This also implies to new Google Mobile First rules that affect the ranking and optimization of sites, and changes in the ASO rules. All of the above indicates the key importance of not only the Android and iOS applications, but also the adaptation of web resources to mobile devices. We have incorporated all the innovations to the development process, and you?

SEO and Promotion

Many clients having a complete product lose their path among the millions of websites on the Internet, without a clue what to do next. For many developers, the goal is to create a project, close the deal and transfer it to the client. What comes next is no longer their competence. On the one hand, there are many agencies for website promotion, but this does not guarantee that your product is perfect and ready for promotion. In order not to go beyond the budget, you need to plan and understand that the promotion of your website in many ways depends on the quality of the platform and the possibility of its modification

Support and Maintenance

All website owners want to see the successful development of their projects, consistently receiving high conversion and profit. In our company you get technical and content support of your product. We care about your product. Our goal is not just to complete another website, but to develop your product and, together with you, observe how it lives and performs its tasks.

Media Advertising

Internet project promotion is not limited to contextual advertising, remarketing, contextual media advertising, optimization, and other marketing tools. Especially with reference to a certain geolocation, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive advertising campaigns from leaflets to billboards. You can entrust us with the preparation of material for advertising and a media plan. We have experience in arranging multidirectional promotions and compiling general statistics for advertising companies, regardless of the number of advertising channels.


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